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Need to Automate MS-SQL database restore via script

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Hello All, 

I'm trying to figure out an automatic script that restore the latest NBIMAGE for an MS-SQL database. 

I've searched a lot and no luck, Can anyone assist?



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I'm not in front of a computer now ( and it will take days ) and I can not search from my phone, but I had answer a similar question in the past. Try to find it.
It is duable but tricky.

Thanks for your reply.
I did a lot of search i saw a lot of exemples i will search for it again, Appreciated your support to share that when it's possible.

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Check the first two links

In general, It is what you have to bo. I do not know in depth cmd or ps scripting to help you create the script.
If you need help on the netbackup commands ask.

Thank you very much, i will figure it out.