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Need to Restore Data from Old Master Server

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Hi All,

We have built a new master server and copied all the backup policies and other configuration to the new master server from old master server. Backups are running fine on the new master server. But, When coming to the restore, we could not restore the files from the new master server for the backups which happened through old master server. As far as I know, we need to import the old images to perform the restorations from new master server. Do we have any other options to perform the restorations without using the import option??


Old Master Server details

Windows Os - 2008

NBU Version - 7.7.1

Storage used : Quantum disk (dxi)


New Master server details

Windows OS - 2016

NBU Version - 8.2 

Storage used : Quantum disk (dxi)


Storage device is same for both master servers.Please check and advise.



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Pity you did not ask before you decided to provision a new master and not perform NBU upgrade and migration to new OS followed by full catalog recovery...

Your choices now are to request Veritas Consulting services to migrate catalogs on the old master to the new master (there is a cost involved) or to import images.

There is another option :  a process called Recovery without Import (please search Google for the article) - it involves a partial catalog recovery.
This process could be problematic - search for posts in this forum about this topic.