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Need to check successful Backup Status in bpimagelist

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Hi All


Quick query, I have a backup with 9 streams and one parent stream. One tream was failed and parent too (ofcourse). Will this 8 streams appear in bpimagelist output?


My requirement is, I want to run script to verify if all policies in list were successful as per schedule on daily basis. I am not able to isolate multiple lines in bpimagelist output for policy between parent stream and other streams.


Kind Rgds



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Have you tried bpimagelist to see what is listed?

The policy type will play a role in whether successful child streams are kept.

Filesystem backups will certainly keep successful streams.
(e.g. ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES and backup for one drive letter or mount point failed.)

Database backups (e.g. Oracle and MS-SQL) may discard the entire backup. (Look at retry settings on the database side.)

Once again - to be sure, run bpimagelist on a backup where one or more streams have failed.

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bpimagelist does not store the parente job and it only keep the details about the successfull images, if backup job is failied you will not find that info in bpimagelist.

i think you want to know if any jobs are failed in a given time, 

1) use status of backups report from GUI--> reports --> status of backups

2) use bperror command to find the failure, and you can script & schedule it if required.

3) use Opscenter to alert or report the failure and suceessfull jobs. 

Thanks a lot for your response. You are absolutely correct ... I also observed same ... 

Actually I want to confirm if my all configured policies have been backuped in a given time say last month. bpimagelist also stores successful streams in case of file system backup (even if one stream failed). I am not able to confirm if filesystem backup was successful or not seeing bpimagelist. Also bpdbjobs gives only 2-3 days output so for my weekly / monthly policies, I am not able to validate successful completion of all streams ... 


Actually we had restore issue last month, where monthly policy was configured to run on every 5th Saturday (mistakenly) and we could not find backup for that when needed. To avoid such issues, I want to prepare script which validate all policies and confirm if all there schedule backups are successfully run or not. In mentioned case, these will not get detected in bperrors ... Like, I will check if all monthly policies have been run in last 30/31 days ...   

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bperror log are kept for 28 days by default meaing you can find the job status up to 28 says from bperror logs or status of backups report in GUI  , you can also keep more than 28 days but not advised.

Either run these report frequenly and store them or use Opscenter for more historic data.