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Need to up drives.

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I want to UP the drives listed below. I have checked the library and it does not have any errors. NetBackup seams to be working fine. I found this because I was looking at the settings for the SUN SL150 tape library. We are getting ready to add a SL500 tape library and I wanted to compare.

<  tpconfig -d
Id  DriveName           Type   Residence
      Drive Path                                                       Status
0   HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.008 hcart3 TLD(1)  DRIVE=5
      /dev/rmt/4cbn                                                    UP
1   HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.009 hcart3 TLD(1)  DRIVE=1
      /dev/rmt/5cbn                                                    DOWN
2   HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.000 hcart3 TLD(1)  DRIVE=6
      /dev/rmt/2cbn                                                    UP
3   HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.011 hcart3 TLD(1)  DRIVE=4
      /dev/rmt/1cbn                                                    DOWN
4   HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.012 hcart3 TLD(1)  DRIVE=2
      /dev/rmt/0cbn                                                    UP
5   HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.013 hcart3 TLD(1)  DRIVE=3
      /dev/rmt/3cbn                                                    UP

Currently defined robotics are:
  TLD(1)     robotic path = /dev/sg/c0tw500104f000d1600al1

EMM Server = MasterServer

I think the tpconfig command can UP the drive but I was not able to get it to work. When I looked online all I could find was how to add and delete a drive with this command.  I was hoping to not delete the drive.

We are using NetBackup on Solaris 10.




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