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Net Backup Architecture guidance required


please find the attached Architecture and let me know this configuration is valid. which is best, using around 42 Servers as SAN Media or Configure two FT Media server and make all the SAN Media Servers as SAN Client. Please advise..

also give us the Pros and Cons about the two architechtures (SAN Media Server /  SAN Client)

  • Customer has two Sites ( Primary and DR – 100 Mbps connection between the sites )
  • Single NetBackup Domain with one windows based Netbackup Master server (8.1.2) and SAN media servers in Primary and DR Site
  • Their Production storage is HP 3PAR and the Backup storage is HP StoreOnce Dedupe storage configured as an Open Storage in NB (all FC)
  • HP Autoloader with FC Connection used in each site
  • Almost all the servers (Backup Clients) connected to the SAN Switch and access to the all SAN Devices ( HP3PAR , Storeonce, HP Tape Library )

Ex. Servers : Hyperv servers around 10 nos, Exchange Servers 6 nos, Oracle ERP Servers 4 nos.. etc…


  • The above servers are having good resources like Hyperv Servers with 256Gb memory and Exchange and other servers having 96 GB memory and above
  • They have added all the client server as a SAN media server to generate the backup from the server itself and store in to Backup storage and Duplicate to tape through FC.
  • All the backups are running fine and meeting the SLA without issue.