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Net-backup service start

Do we have any option to start the netbackup client service from master server , as frequently our client server is getting restarted and the netbackup client service requires a manual start .

Although i set the client service in automatic mode only.

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Re: Net-backup service start

No. Client Service cannot be started from the master.
Client Service is what is needed to accept any kind of request from master or media server.

You need to troubleshoot on the client.
Check Application and System logs.
AntiVirus software is known for killing processes.

Re: Net-backup service start


Well this might be doable under some circumstances

  1. Your master server is in domain (AD) as well your client (both running on windows)
  2. Your user ID is having admin rights on the master and client
  3. On Master run services.msc
  4. go to Action menu - and select "Connect to another computer..."
  5. Type in the client name
  6. Find in the services NetBackup related services.
  7. Start these found 
  8. done - you should not face now exit code 58 on your master from this client Smiley Wink

Bare in mind all prerequists needs to be met...