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NetBackup 10.1 Media Servers No Longer Require a License Key

Level 3

NetBackup licensing is now consolidated to the primary server. For new installations of NetBackup 10.1, the media server option will allow you to continue without a license key. For upgrades, the existing functionality will remain unchanged, and you will not be asked for a license key.



Figure 1: Install UI (User Interface) allowing media server install without license key

All NetBackup feature control will be managed from the primary server, so individual media servers will no longer require a license key to enable a feature.  This also means that the bpminlicense command will no longer function on a media server. It is important to ensure you are installing the media server only on hosts where you plan to provide data movement of the backup

Media servers are now easier to deploy in your environment without a license keys, making your license keys easier to manage from primary servers only.




Christopher Winter
Veritas NetBackup