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NetBackup 10.1 - New PaaS Workload Protection

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Starting with NetBackup 10, Veritas began expanding the support for PaaS workloads. In NetBackup 10.1, Veritas built an extensive framework designed to promote accelerated adoption of PaaS workloads protection.

As a testament to that framework, NetBackup 10.1 adds support for the following 13 new PaaS workloads:


Azure Workloads AWS Workloads GCP Workloads
Azure PostgreSQL Amazon RDS Postgres Google MySQL
Azure MySQL Amazon RDS MySQL Google PostgreSQL
Azure Managed SQL Amazon RDS MariaDB  
Azure SQL Amazon Aurora SQL  
Azure MariaDB Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL  
  Amazon DynamoDB  

The process of protecting and recovering PaaS workloads is easy and streamlined via NetBackup Web UI. NetBackup Snapshot Manager needs to be configured to facilitate the discovery of the supported PaaS workloads. Media Server with MSDP Universal Share configuration is also a requirement.


After NetBackup Snapshot Manager and cloud provider credentials are configured, discovery process will be triggered automatically or can be started manually.

Once the discovery runs successfully, supported workloads will be populated on the Web UI PaaS tab:


Add PaaS credentials as required for the workloads to be protected. Credentials can be created previously and leveraged later for the workload to be protected or created as new during configuration. On this example, credential is being created previously using Credential Management tab:


Add the credential to the PaaS workloads to be protected. Please note the “validation host” is the Media Server hostname that will be utilized to communicate with the cloud provider and PaaS workload. Media Server need to be able to resolve PaaS services to validate credentials:


After that, it is just a matter of creating Protection Plan as usual. The following two prompts are specific to PaaS workloads:

1-) Protection Plan is for Cloud, same as the one used to protect virtual machines in the Cloud, for example. Check “Protect PaaS assets only” to be able to call the correct workflow and framework for PaaS:


2-) On step 4 (Backup options), storage path is the previously configured Universal Share mount point:


Just complete Protection Plan workflow and that’s it! Protection Plan will run according to the schedule configuration and recoveries will be fully managed by NetBackup Web UI as well.

Veritas NetBackup 10.1 now makes it easier to protect PaaS workloads, with a streamlined process guided by Web UI and leveraging benefits of NetBackup deduplication service (MSDP) and RBAC (role-base access control) to empower workload owners and administrators as needed.

Here are some good references for more information about PaaS Workload protection with NetBackup 10.1:

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