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NetBackup 5220 appliance upgrade issue

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I just upgraded a NetBackup 5220 appliance from version to ( but after the upgrade completed the 2 disk arrays (64tb total) attached to the appliance are showing as “not available”. My guess is that maybe I needed to update the bios or some other firmware prior to the upgrade for it to go smoothly. Is there a specific site that says what the bios and/or any additional firmware needs to be at when you upgrade a 5220 appliance to


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Before actually performing any upgrades / patches, usually it is best to check SORT, here :

...and to :

- read the LBN pages

- read the upgrade guides

- read the docs / tech-notes for any identified EEBs

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You will unfortunately have difficulty to locate documentation - the 5220's as well as 2.6.x ran out of support some time ago...

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Investigate the disk volumes - from an elevated prompt run "vxdisk list" and "vxprint".

You may find that the system has failed to import the volumes after the upgrade. If so it's a relavtively painless fix.

It's unlikely (but still possible) that the issue is related to firmware.

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I wonder if this is a real issue - @SheldonMenez came back one day later, edited the post to insert some totally unrelated URLs inbetween the text. 

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Today the EXACT SAME post is repeated by a newly registered user @EastonNolan:

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