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NetBackup 6.0 "chatty" after MP5

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After applying MP5 I've noticed NetBackup sends out more E-mail notifications.
Each stream of all manual jobs are sending an additional "ImmedBk" message with no indication what policy/job it relates to. The body of the message just has a blank "File List". I can only assume it relates to jobs which sent messages with the same timestamp.
Catalog HotBackups now sends out 5 messages... Three stream status messages, 1 "ImmedBk" message, and one messge with a blank "File List" in the body. The latter two have no indication of what policy/job they came from. Again, I can only assume the ImmedBk and blank message relate to the catalog since they have the same timestamp as the other catalog messages.
Anyone else seeing this? Is this an expected new "feature" from MP5?

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I'm also seeing an increase in notification emails after applying MP5 to our backup server.
Manual backups, scheduled policy jobs, they are all the same. We are getting 2N+1 emails where N equals the number of servers (hostnames) in the policy.

Tested a few manual jobs today to get a rundown of timestamps and what exactly the emails are. We're using client notifications, so the clients (Unix servers) send emails to one server that runs a script against incoming mails, strips out some data, and formats a single email that is sent via Exchange server to our Admins.

So far, I'm seeing two "ImmedBk" messages with no indication what policy/job it relates to and a single "backup of XXXXX completed successfully" email.  So for a single server, I'm getting 3 emails.

Tried applying MP5 to the clients, since this started after applying MP5 to the backup server, but that didn't resolve the issue at all.
I've been unable to find any other info or resolution on this so far, but I'd like to know if anyone has any ideas or knows of a fix/update that will square this away. I'll certainly post back with anything I find also..


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We also have activated the email notifications and are getting the ImmedBK and one additional email.  I would suggest looking in the nbmail.cmd file in the bin directory to make sure that BLAT is not being run more than once.  We had been getting 6 messages per backup if the media server host properties were set to send email from server.  I cleaned out the unintentional blats, and am now down to one real and one ImmedBk which I suspect is coming from the scheduling job. 

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Hi Everyone,
I am having same issue of 'non-decsriptive' email notifications. and this problem came right after upgrading 6.0 to MP6.
I have checked nbmail.cmd file for any multiple enteries but found only one- the requried entry.
Please any of you if have solved this issue do let me know.