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NetBackup 6.5.1 and SLES 10 SP2 and SP3

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Hello, I have read through the NetBackup Enterprise Server and Server 6.x OS Software Compatibility List and cant figure out if SLES SP2 and SP3 are supported  by 6.5.1.

SLES 10 SP1 is listed, does that mean that everything above SP1 is supported?

Novell will end their support for SP2 in six months which means we need to upgrade to SP3 on our clients. If there's no support for SP3, is it on the NetBackup roadmap?




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What we list in the compatibility lists should always be taken as a minimum SP level - so if we say "SLES 10 SP1," that should imply SLES 10 SP2, SP3, SP4, SP900, SP32767... basically anything after SP1.

If it turns out later we DON'T support a specific SP, I believe we'd explicitly mention it in the CL, but I don't have an example of that, so I can't be 100% sure.

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I have been in contact with Symantec support regarding an issue, and when I told them I was running SLES 10 SP2 and NetBackup 6.5.1 he told me:

"Per the "NetBackup (tm) 6.x Operating System Compatibility List (Updated September 11 2009)", on pages 35-38, and the detailed Operating Systems compatibility statement on page 4,
SLES 10 SP2 has never been tested with NetBackup 6.5.1 as a master server or as a client.
SLES 8, SLES 9, and SLES 10 SP1 have been tested and are supported, but SLES 10 SP2 has not.  I recently took another case where a customer was trying to get SLES 10 SP2 to work as a NetBackup Master Server, and he kept running into problems.
Once he re-installed SLES 10 SP1, the problems disappeared.

So I would like to know if SLES 10 SP2 is supported or not?

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Absolutely, SP2 is supported.

SP1, as listed in the CL, is a minimum level for SLES 10.  Everything above that minimum level will be supported implicitly, unless we explicity say we DON'T support it in the CL.

If you've been told otherwise by Support, please shoot me a PM with your case ID.

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Too early to be on the roadmap If its just been announced. What I will say is keep an eye on the release notes of the NetBackup 6.5.5 and there is note of a 6.5.6 Update in a recent technote for additional OS supportability.
However, I don't know if they will ever mention SP2 or SP3, in the compatibility list, just the initial SP1.

BTW support marked for SLES 11 in NB 7.0
and NB 7.0 will only be on 64 bit binaries.

I am running a 6.5.4 SLES 10 SP2 master server.