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NetBackup 7.0 configuration for Exchange 2010 SP1

Could somone please share the steps/permission required to configure netbackup 7.0 for Exchange 2010 SP1 (DAG - all roles on same server H,M,C)

Do we need to create netbackup service account
would this service account need to be added to any Exchange management role (RBAC)


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Public link to NBU for

Public link to NBU for Exchange Admin Guide:


here is what it needs

in admin guide


physical page 53 – About the Netbackup service account.

                This account needs to be set up.

Physical page 54 – Configuring the NetBackup Service account (Exchange 2010) 




did not realize my link was to my local server, thought it went to the symantec doc


exchange 2010 backup

@ Marianne

I have installed media servers on both nodes of exchange 2010 mail boxex bt i m still unable to take backups. i follow the admin guide and did all steps.

can u plz help me out ./


Saqib Alam


Please start a new discussion

Please start a new discussion that includes backup status code and/or error message.


Call support

Honestly, the steps required to make it work ARE NOT contained fully in the admin guide. Call support and get a case started.

You will need to add the backup user to certain Exchange Groups, possibly apply update 7.0.1 for full functionality, and many unknown roadblocks.

Document your steps because they may be specific to your environment [obviously].

Did I mention to get a support call started?