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NetBackup 7.1 robot daemon goes down AIX 7.1 ovpass

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This seems to be an issue with the ovpass driver.  Backup, restores, and tape labeling work but get delayed quite often when an I/O error happens with the ovpass driver, the robot deamon goes down, and then after a few minutes retries and works.  The odd thing is, a library with robot device file /dev/smc0 works fine.  But if I create an ovpass device file for this same (IBM) library and change robot definition to use it, this robot also exhibits the same occasional errors and downing.  Another odd thing is if robtest is used to open up one of the ovpass devices, it causes the other to stop working.  This interlock of ovpass devices shouldn't happen.  I've upgraded to with no improvement (though I didn't recreate ovpass devices; didn't see anything in the release notes about that.)

Is there a fix for this?



Jan 25 05:33:11 ibmp7-10ge-c5 daemon:err|error tldcd[16711920]: TLD(1) cannot open /dev/ovpass0: There is an input or output error.

Jan 25 05:33:11 ibmp7-10ge-c5 daemon:notice tldd[10682502]: DecodeMount: TLD(1) drive 4, Actual status: Unable to open robotic path

Jan 25 05:33:11 ibmp7-10ge-c5 daemon:err|error tldd[10682502]: TLD(1) going to DOWN state, status: Unable to open robotic path


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  you no longer need the ovpass for netbackup on aix.... I way very happy to hear that.

That was in the docs somewhere on the upgrade let me see if I can find it.

I am not sure if it is just not required for IBM robots on AIX any more or just not required on AIX....

hard to find documentation on it... if you have support give them a call and ask about it.

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I thought that was for IBM robots.  They use /dev/smc0 or whatever.  You still need ovpass for libraries that are not IBM.  Or so it seems.  The IBM driver won't create a device special file for non-IBM library, will it?  (Actually, these are VTL libraries...)

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if the you only did not need it for IBM robots or all robots.

I have not used non IBM robots on aix so I am not sure.

maybe if you say what kind of robot you have someone else could chime in.

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In this case, you are using IBM library on AIX, you don't and should not create ovpass device file for it.
This may cause unexpected conflict between 2 device drivers.
For now, Non-IBM library needs to be configured with ovpass driver because it can not be recognized as smc device. We need to install ovpass driver and create ovpass device file for non-IBM library.I have an AIX host that was attached to non-IBM library, and this requires ovpass configuration.

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Agreed to what Yasuhisa Ishikawa  has explained. to add ontop its best to use Atape drives for IBM based Robots,tapedrives and Library its easy and works great.