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NetBackup - System State backup of Windows Server 2012 VM client


Quick question related to System State and backup of VM client running Windows Server 2012 via VADP in NetBacklup.

This article indicates the backup of a VM client via NetBackup policy type VMware would result in the System State being included within the VMDK and not listed as an option to restore (as one would see with Policy = Windows).

Wanted to confirm that is still the case when backing up a VM client that is running OS= Windows Server 2012.

Master Server - NetBackup v7.5.0.6
Media Server - NetBackup v7.5.0.6


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earlier For VMware backup,

earlier For VMware backup, the System_State directive (Windows 2000) and the ShadowCopy Components directive (Windows 2003) are not supported.


and there is a bug reported for  restore of System State data for windows 2012 in

please verify this link:

and it may get fix in or 7.6