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NetBackup 7.5 Remote Admin Console - Windows 8

Level 3

Has anyone been able to successfully install the Netbackup Remote Administration Console on a Windows 8 machine?  My NetBackup servers are all currently running  I know Windows 8 is not officially supported yet on this version, but was hoping someone has had some luck as my new machine is running Windows 8 Pro x64 and I don't want to remote into a different machine all the time to perform admin tasks.

I have tried turning of UAC, running as my domain account which is a local admin along with right-clicking the install and choosing "Run as an administrator", and running as the built-in local admin.  In all cases it gets through what appears to be most of the install then it stops and rolls it back.


Level 4

As of now Symantec does not support Java console on Windows 8. Follow the link below to see the complete list of OS support:


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
Win 8 is not supported at all yet - will come in / 7.6 at the same time as Win 2012 Support. If it gets to the end and then rolls back it will be due to a service start error - so maybe take a look in the event log to see if you can spot a reason the service could not start - may give you a clue to why it wont install Does Windows 8 have the "XP Mode" that came with some versions of Windows 7? - Maybe you could use that? Hope this helps