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NetBackup GRT + Windows Server 2012 + Exchange 2013

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I'm trying to find out if NetBackup GRT is supported with Exchange 2013 and Windows Server 2012?

If so, is there any documentation available that is specific to configuring GRT for Exchange 2013?


Many thanks....


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NetBackup 7.x Database Agent Compatibility List (Updated October 07, 2014)

On page 22, it is listed that Exchange 2013 is supported on Windows Server 2012 from version with references to the following footnotes over on page 23:

1. GRT support began in
2. NetBackup Master Server, Media Server, and Client need to be at NetBackup version or later for Exchange 2013 agent support.

So it sounds like you've described a supported configuration.

I don't think there's any specific documentation available for you, but here's the general documentation which might be a good starting point:

Symantec NetBackup 7.6 for Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator's Guide

Hope this helps!

Please note: there are separate entries for 2013 SP1 as well as 2012 R2; however, those all should be OK under if I read the CL correctly.

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Hello everyone,

I need to know if the following configuration is supported

Master (solaris + Media (Red Hat + Client (Windows 2012 64bit cu 6 + Exchange 2013 + netbackup client

When I make a GRT restore, the master show me the next error:

(3230099.001) ERR - Exchange 2013 GRT restores the Exchange Credentials require to be configured in the NetBackup Client Host Properties.

Thank you for yours support!