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NetBackup 7.6 Java Admin Console issue

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NBU Admin console issue,

NBU Java Console got corrupted, pointing dll missing, unable to repair, want to try with NB Java console

can some one help in downloading Java console for NB Java 7.6


Level 6
In the subject line you mentioned that nbu 8.0 java console is corrupt and you are looking for downlod links to nbu 7.6 java console.. isn’t that a bit confusing..

you could simply uninstall your exisitng nbu 8.0 java console from the machine and reinstall it and even if you need the older version console the back level consoles would be available..

Actually it's 7.6, not sure how it came in subject to 8.x

im looking for java console for NBU 7.6 in windows environment.

For windows the binaries have always been packed up together in one zip file which includes console binaries, master/media as well as client binaries.. Since you are looking for old versions you would need to check if they are still available for you to download..

Base package download still need to be done from my.veritas portal..

In case you do not see the option to download 7.6 binaries I would suggest downloading 7.7.3 or higher version zip file and install the java console it would give you all older backward compatible consoles as well

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@SrinivasKatari I have edited your subject to reflect 7.6.

I see that 7.6 is still available on VEMS / my.veritas. Be sure that you download the version that matches your NBU version - was the first 7.6 version. 
Windows download name is

PLEASE schedule upgrade as a matter of urgency as 7.6 reached EOSL more than a year ago.