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NetBackup 7 Training

Level 4


We are in the process of upgrading from NBU 6.0.6 (Windows) to a new environment 7.1 on Redhat. We were scheduling training, and the class turned out to be for Windows.


I contacted the person we were buying the class' from, and let them know we needed the 'Veritas for Netbackup UNIX' training path rather than "Windows' and was informed that both, Unix and Windows would be covered in the same class.

Is this actually true?? Will we be taught to install, configure, and manage NBU 7.1 for Redhat in the Windows class?? I find this rather hard to believe.


Why have a Unix, and a Windows path if they are each covering both?


Level 6
Partner Accredited

Yes, NetBackUp Install,Configure& Manage class room training will be covered for both Windows and Unix platforms in the same calss. 

I had attended NBU 6.5 class room training and the same thing happened. Even the training materials they provide will also cover both Windows & Unix.