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NetBackup 8.1.1 and Enterprise Vault 12.2

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Hi all

I'm having a problem trying to configure backups of an EV 12.2 environment using NetBackup 8.1.1  - the NetBackup server is infact an N BU appliance running 3.1.1.

There are 2 x EV servers (both VMware virtual machines running WIndows 2012 R2) and 1 x SQL 2017 server which is dedicated to host the EV SQL databases (this is also on a VMware virtual machine running Windows 2016).

I have 3 NBU policies configured: one policy to backup up the EV directory db and the EV monitoring db, a second policy to backup the fingerprint db, open partitions and EV indexes and a third policy to backup the closed and ready partitions.

The issue I have is when trying to run any of the EV policies that include a backup of one or more EV databases - the partition and index backups all work fine.

When I run an EV database backup it fails with an error 130 as below. The bpresolver works fine and there are no firewalls.

Also if I configure an MS SQL Intelligent Policy to backup the databases directly on the client it works fine.

28-Mar-2018 14:04:00 - Info bpfis (pid=772) Backup started
28-Mar-2018 14:04:05 - Critical bpbrm (pid=257264) from client ACMEPEVDB01V: FTL - snapshot preparation failed - Error attempting to find volumes to snap., status 130
28-Mar-2018 14:04:05 - Critical bpbrm (pid=257264) from client ACMEPEVDB01V: FTL - snapshot preparation failed - Error attempting to find volumes to snap., status 130
28-Mar-2018 14:04:05 - Info bpfis (pid=772) done. status: 130
28-Mar-2018 14:04:05 - end Enterprise Vault Snapshot: Create Snapshot; elapsed time 0:00:09
28-Mar-2018 14:04:05 - Info bpfis (pid=772) done. status: 130: system error occurred
28-Mar-2018 14:04:05 - end writing
Operation Status: 130


I'm not 100% certain that 8.1.1 is yet qualified as the compatibility guide seems to only specify 8.1 and also then you need an EEB for EV12.2 - but I'm assuming 8.1.1 would have this binary rolled into it.

Looking at the bpfis log it seems to indicate issues connecting with the server - but all other backups (both agent based and at a vm level) are fine. I've set the credentials for the EV service account in the properties of all the EV clients and also tried setting the client services themselves to run under the EV service account.

I've attached the bpfis log.

Has anyone got EV 12.2 running with NBU 8.1.x or perhaps seen this issue before?

kind regards and thanks in advance


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my guess is that there is some problem with NetBackup support when EV is running SQL2017 and it is not known/published yet.

From EV side, SQL2017 support was introduced just one month ago. I doubt that NBU guys managed to test it fully.

I recomend to open a support case with Veritas.



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Have you checked the bpresover.log? 


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Yes - and it looks ok to me but have attached it just in case there's anything that stands out.


User name before Impersonation = (SYSTEM). Domain name before Impersonation = (acme).
User name after Impersonation = (svc_VeritasVault). Domain name after Impersonation = (