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NetBackup 8.1 and DataDomain

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Hi Guys 

Please suggest which DD OS can be upgarde from 5.7.2 to  use with Netbackup 8.1.

and the DDboost plugin.


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You would need to reach out to EMC support or access their ddboost compatibility guides for this.


NetBackup guides would only provide you details of the minimum plugin version required or the combination of plugin version and DD OS version required to use a particular feature . For example in-order to configure and use Targetted AIR for DD you need a mimimum of 3.3 plugin and 6.0 DD OS.


EMCs guide as well has this mentioned that prior to upgrading either the plugin or the DD OS you need to refer to their comatibility guide.

Snippet from page 54 of the below link

OST Plug-In and DD OS Upgrades

Before upgrading either the OST plug-in or the DD OS consult the Data Domain Boost Compatibility Guide. The OST plug-in and the DD OS compatibility is defined in the Data Domain Boost Compatibility Guide.

To take advantage of new features in a DD OS release, upgrade the OST plug-in to a corresponding version. Although an older version of the OST plug-in maintains compatibility with a newer version of DD OS, it does not have the new functionality available in the newer version of the DD OS. Perform the upgrade as described in Installing the OST Plug-In on Media Servers on page 55.

Note This document illustrates the DD Boost configuration on Data Domain using commands in DD OS 5.5. If you are using a different version of DD OS with this version of the OST plugin, see the corresponding DD OS Command Reference.

But I believe all the DD boost plugins 3.1.x to their latest 3.4.x are supported and the plugin support DD OS from 5.7.x to 6.1.1.x.


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NetBackup HCL only lists the supported plugin versions in the 'OST Secondary Storage Solutions' section, not DDOS version(s).

I guess you need to check with DELL/EMC for plugin and DDOS compatibility.