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NetBackup 8.2 Client Installation Error : Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of a

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Does anyone know how to fix this error when installing NetBackup 8.2 clients?

Target Client : Windows 2019 Std

Target Version : NetBackup Client 8.2v


Error Messages :

Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.VC80.CRT,type="win32",version="8.0.50727.6195",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",processorArchitecture="amd64"'. Please refer to Help and Support for more information.





We are experiencing the same problem when we extract and reinstall .net from inside NetBackup.

Please help me.


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Can you post the entire installation log here ?

You could find that under C:\ProgramData\Veritas\

Note: Program Data is a hidden directory under C:\

Thank you for suppot.

01-13-2021,14:02:35 : ERROR: Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.VC80.CRT,type="win32",version="8.0.50727.6195",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",processorArchitecture="amd64"'. Please refer to Help and Support for more information.
01-13-2021,14:03:16 : Action ended 14:03:16: InstallExecute. Return value 3.
01-13-2021,14:03:16 : Security certificates were deployed earlier in the installation process.
01-13-2021,14:03:16 : Attempting to remove certificates as part of rollback.
01-13-2021,14:03:16 : Failed to identify specific id-based host certificate created earlier during installation.
01-13-2021,14:03:16 : Issuing product command to delete all host certificates.
01-13-2021,14:03:16 : "C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\nbcertcmdtool.exe" -deleteAllCertificates -atLibPath "C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp" -installDir "C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup" -forceDelete -noPrompt -debugFile "C:\ProgramData\Veritas\NetBackup\InstallLogs\ShredCertificates.20210113.050316.log"
01-13-2021,14:03:16 : Successfully removed security certificates.
01-13-2021,14:03:16 : Successfully removed CA Certificate [C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\var\webtruststore\cacert.pem].
01-13-2021,14:03:16 : Action 14:03:16: Rollback. Rolling back action:

can you confirm if client can telnet to master over port 1556 ?

if Windows Firewall is running on Client then make incoming rules to accept connections over 1556, 13782 and 13724. If its a DB (mssql or oracle) server then also add 13720 to the list.

Ofcourse I registered with the client os firewall.
I don't think it's because of the port.

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I would certainly search Microsoft site for suggestions and solution.

Error 1935 is a Microsoft error.

@yeonggeun please be careful to use a statement like 'of course'.
This implies that we know you and know exacly what you did.
If you don't document each step that you have followed, then you need to be prepared for 'basic' questions.


Do you have any anti-virus software running on the server you are trying to install the client on?