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NetBackup - 8.3 Release Date?

Does anyone know the release date of the new version of NetBackup?

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Re: NetBackup

Only Veritas staff know the roadmaps and release dates.

Please reach out to your local Veritas office, a customer service representative should be able to assist you.


Re: NetBackup


one note - give a more descriptive subjects to your posts.

Everything on this forum is about "NetBackup".



Re: NetBackup

I have updated the subject Smiley Wink

Re: NetBackup - 8.3 Release Date?

They're on a twice-yearly schedule right now, usually Q2 and Q4 - or at least they were before 2020 happened.

I'd recommend planning for Q4 - it might slip to 2021, or you might be pleasantly surprised and it'll release early; I doubt anyone at Veritas could tell you for sure right now. If you really can't wait you can always sign up for beta testing at but they definitely don't recommend running beta versions in production.


Re: NetBackup - 8.3 Release Date?

22nd July 2020 or in that Week.

Re: NetBackup - 8.3 Release Date?

Last I heard as July 29 (for 8.3).

If you are wanting the 3.3 appliance release that will come some months down the track

Re: NetBackup - 8.3 Release Date?

NBU 8.3: 29th July 2020

APP 3.3: October 2020