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NetBackup 8.3 WebUI Login Error

Level 6

Hi all,

In NetBackup 8.3, I'm getting the following error when trying to access the WebUI (screenshot also attached):
"The Content type specified by the request content-type header is not supported by the requested resource for the requested method".

I've already tried both local Administrator and domain Administrator.
Password is correct because if I enter the wrong one the error message would change to "Authentication Failed" instead.

When I was running Windows Server 2016 and Nbu 8.2, WebUI worked fine.
This issue came up after an in-place upgrade to 8.3.
I've also tried a fresh Windows Server 2019 installation with a fresh Nbu 8.3 installation, same issue.
So this eliminates the possibility that the issue is caused by a botched upgrade.

This is just a test environment, so I'm not exactly supposed to open a Veritas support case, but if I have to...

Any ideas? Thanks all.





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Not sure if this may help, but have you tried using a different browser?


Level 6

Chrome, Firefix, IE*gasp*, all giving the same error.

Starting to wonder if there is an EEB that I'm not aware of.

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Ohhh.... Wouldn't you know it, using the IP address of master server fixed the login.

It's still weird though:

  • https://<shortname>/webui/login = doesn't work
  • https://<FQDN>/webui/login = doesn't work
  • https://<IP>/webui/login = works

The above is true regardless of whether the shortname/FQDN is revolved by DNS or by the local hosts file.

Anyway, I will consider this issue half-solved for now. At least I can get on with some testing.

Two question or things to check:

  1. Is the hostname of the machine the same as the master server name in NetBackup?
  2. Are your browsers using any kind of proxy (which would be bypassed when using the IP address)?

Level 6

1. It is just the one host installed with NetBackup Master, no other Media/Client/NetBackup-things in the picture.
Whether the Browser (Chrome,Firefox, IE) is ran on the Master itself, or from elsewhere on the network, does not make a difference, same issue observed, and same working workaround.

2. Just tested this too. No proxy, same issue, etc.


Level 6

Have you validated that the certificates are working properly?  If full resolution (forward and reverse) is working, but the calls aren't working to the hostname, my gut reaction is that something is wrong in the certs, but given that you have this happening on a fresh install as well as an upgrade, it's just a gut reaction, not necessarily a logically sound troubleshooting path.

I don't immediately see any EEB for anything like this, either, but it's possible my search-fu is failing me.  I haven't personally seen this in any 8.3 environments I've worked with at this point, either.  

No errors during install or upgrade?

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The following all completed successfully on the Master Server itself (albeit this should be unnecessary especially on a fresh install Master):

nbcertcmd -getCACertificate
nbcertcmd -getCertificate
bpnbaz -ProvisionCert <Master Server>

DNS has both forward and reverse lookup and they all work. Tested with nslookup.exe.
Besides, local hosts-file test also confirmed this is not a forward/reverse lookup issue.
Also, no anti-virus or running firewall.

Any other ways to validate the certificates?

P.S. https://localhost/webui/login works too. (On the Master itself ofc).


I have same issue in here, i can login if i use https://ipaddress/webui. It always get error if use dns name


9-25-2020 10-58-45 AM.jpg

Yes, indeed I am experiencing the same behavior



on the master server, what does the output of this command show:?

bptestnetconn -a -v -p -s -c

I have the same problem too:

bptestnetconn shows the following:


[root@netbackup bin]# ./bptestnetconn -a -v -p -s -c
SERVER = netbackup.domain
NBU IP_ADDRESS_FAMILY configured to use Remote Addresses: IPv4(yes) IPv6(no)
FL: netbackup.domain-> : 1 ms FAST (< 10 sec) [local] SRC: ANY
RL: -> netbackup.domain : 0 ms FAST (< 10 sec)
RL: ::1 -> localhost : 0 ms FAST (< 10 sec)
RL: -> localhost : 0 ms FAST (< 10 sec)
Connecting to 'nbsl/HSFactory'
CN: netbackup.domain: 5 ms [SUCCESS] PBX: Yes VNETD: Yes

Connection is not routed via vnet proxy
CN: localhost : 4 ms [SUCCESS] PBX: Yes VNETD: Yes

Connection is not routed via vnet proxy
Total elapsed time: 0 sec
[root@netbackup bin]#