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NetBackup 8 - Optimized Duplication to COFC duplication target

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I am running NBU 8 on Windows Server 2016 with Optimized Duplication and have run into a problem.  I have 2 HPE StoreOnce systems, a primary and a secondary.  I have setup my SLP where the backup operation goes to the primary StoreOnce using a CoFC target.  And the SLP duplication operation goes to the secondary StoreOnce using a CoFC target.  The backup operation completes successfully but the duplication operation gets stuck running forever.  NetBackup logs report the duplication operation starts writing but it never actually starts writing to the COFC target on the secondary StoreOnce system.  The duplication operation should take about 10 minutes.  Does NetBackup support the duplication operation to a CoFC target?  I have been successful using the duplication operation when going to a CoE target on the secondary StoreOnce system.  I cannot find any documentation on these compatibility questions.

 Thanks in advance...


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Is this a push (1 media server with storage units of both StorOnce Pools) or a pull configuration (2 media servers with multiple storage units StorOnce Pools)?

If its a push config, have you sent the backup directly to the secondary to see it works? The duplication of course doesn't go via the media server but this would show if there are any issues with accessing / managing the second StorOnce Pool.

I believe this would be a push.  The NBU Master/Media server (only 1 server) has the storage units/disk pools/storage servers.  Yes, I have backed up directly to the secondary StoreOnce and it works fine with CoE and CoFC Catalyst stores.  But my question though was does NetBackup support the SLP duplication operation to a CoFC target?  This is what is not working for me.

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Take a look in this document on how to configure:

Seems like you need to configure CATALYST_COPY_REDIRECT_ADDRESS in HPE catalyst plugin for this to work.