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NetBackup Appliance with Auth.conf

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Am I right in thinking that the use of a populated suth.conf file on a a NetBackup Appliance master server is unsupported?

I believe it was some time again but as it's now possible to integrate the Appliance into AD and add uses, does this now mean that I can now create an Auth.conf file to allow the users to only be able to access a subset of functions within the Java console?

I've looked into using OpsCenter but I need operators to be able to inventory tape libaries which I don't think is possible in OpsCenter



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I found this technote about an issue with auth.conf on appliance which made me believe that auth.conf is supported on appliance to manage Netbackup master server using Java GUI.


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Thanks DeepS

Yeah -  I believe the auth.conf exists on the Appliance but the only settings that it contains are auto-generated based on the users that are added. And the users that can be added are either Administrator or NoRole (which I think is just BAR) so effectively you can only add these two types of users.

I've actually been doing a bit of testing and after adding the users you can the  manually edit the auth.conf and then edit the user settings to change them to something like User1 ADMIN=AM+MM etc to give the users just access to Actvity Monitor and Media Management - and this seeems to have the desired affect

But I don't think it's supported to do this by direct editing of the auth.conf file and I don't think there is an option to be this granular in the gui