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Hi Guys,

I am using a NetBackup Appliance 5240 (as a Media Server),while my NetBackup Master Server is on Oracle Linux, 
and already have created a MSDP Pool of 13TB on Appliance from which only 6% (598 GB) is used.
Now i want to clear  all that data or want to remove the backup images from the pool.
How can i do that?

Can anybody please help.


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Re: NetBackup Appliance

Hi @Noman_Siddique 

If I understood clearly your question and you cannot use anymore your data I think that you asking about factory reset.

First of all you need to do Decommission and then factory reset, take a look these articles

About NetBackup appliance factory reset

Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Decommissioning and Reconfiguration Guide

Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Administrator's Guide

Hope this help.



Re: NetBackup Appliance

No , i want to remove the backup images from the MSDP pool


Re: NetBackup Appliance


You will need to expire all images written to the MSDP pool.

You can use the expiration steps in the MSDP decommission TN:   https://www.veritas.com/content/support/en_US/article.100004810.html

Expire only the images from the catalog that reside on the MSDP Disk Pool to be removed.

  • From the NetBackup administration console, expand NetBackup Management, select Catalog, choose 'Verify' from the Action selection list, choose 'PureDisk' from the 'Disk type' selection list, and the 'disk pool name' from the 'Disk Pool' selection list.
  • Set the start date to a value to accommodate the oldest images on the MSDP pool, and click 'Search Now'.
  • Select all the images found, right-click and click 'Expire' to mark that particular image copy as Expired.
  • Allow the NetBackup 'Image Cleanup'-type jobs to complete; this marks the data for removal from the MSDP storage.