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NetBackup Assessments

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Hello people of Connect,


I'm busy buidling an NetBackup Assessment Solution and would like your inputs on the type of risks one could include in such an assessment.


Please take into account the following..... The risks should be determinable via command line executed on the master server.



Relating to storage

  1. Check for diskpools that have utilization above 70%
  2. Check for tape drive firmware mismatch
  3. Check for storage units not configured in any policy or SLP

Relating to policies

  1. No catalog backup policy configured

Relating to Coverage

  1. Clients not backed up within X days/weeks

Relating to OS

  1. TCP chimney settings
  2. No files values
  3. Semaphore settings (some OS)


I think you guys get the idea here.


In addition, please feel free to mention anything you'd like to see in such assessment job statistics, configurational items (policies, storage, etc).


Appreciate your feedback.



Level 6

Calender based schedules with the windows on the wrong day(s)

Buffer settings on media servers for disk & tape

Firewall openings on the OS'es

Decommissioned media servers in the client properties


Curious about what you are building the assesment in and if it is the plan to port it to OpsCenter and SORT which might have much of stuff already.

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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Hi Michael



I like the one about the calender schedules. I collect this info so I should be able to get that one done. 

I already collect the buffer settings from the master. At the moment I've not expanded the collection to media servers. I'm hoping by some miracle i could get this done without having to run collection on the media server.... Fat chance hey.

Suppose one could build something that is the opposite of the add_media_server script.


I've made a data collector that grabs some OS info, bp outputs, a selective collection of an nbdb_unload, and some sql queries run against NBDB. I then take all this and convert it to XML. From here I can create customizable config docs, as well query the XML to produce the Assessment document.


The idea behind it is that you can run this even if a customer doesn't have opscenter. And to be honest, even if they do, unless you're a SQL whiz, opscenter is well, opscenter. As for SORT, it might get have good check, I'll check it out, but its not represented in a nice customer facing document (you need to a lot of copy / paste)