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NetBackup Auto image replication from 8.2 to 9.0

Level 6

We have got a requirement to perform Auto image replication of Informix Database backups from Site A to Site B. Site A is running a lower version i.e NetBackup 8.2 where as Site B is running NetBackup 9.0. Are these compatible ? Will I be able to restore database images from destination Site B ?

We are using NetBackup 5240 appliances in both the sites . Site A is running appliance version 3.2 ie. NB 8.2 and Site B is running version 9.0 i.e NB 9.0

I was looking for a technote or support document but could not find it. Can you please share it if possible. 


Level 5

I want to say yes, based on the compatibility matrixes found here:

As per the 8.x and 9.x Software Compatibility documents:

Other general rules for compatibility:
• OpsCenter/OpsCenter Analytics must always be running the same or higher Dot-Zero or Single-Dot or Double-Dot release as the master servers in the environment.
• All components (master, media, client, console, and agent) on an individual system must be at the same version.
• Backup images created under an older version of NetBackup will always be recoverable with a newer version of NetBackup
• A new feature may not be functional until the master, media and client are updated.
• Administration Consoles cannot be at an earlier version than the NetBackup server version they connect to via the "change server" functionality in the console


But I don't find anything specifically regarding AIR.