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NetBackup BMR restore

Level 6

Master server : 5220 appliance running 7.6

Client : Linux running 7.6


I was testing BMR for a linux client. Have configured a Linux boot server and the backup is successful without any warnings. I have not configured boot server as DHCP server because we have an existing DHCP server in the same network and I can't off the DHCP services. Can I make use of this DHCP server for performing BMR restores.? Our DHCP server also linux based. I think by specifying certian parameters in existing linux DHCP server, I can instruct the PXE boot to happen from my boot server.?


I mean to say when a client boots up, it takes the IP from existing DHCP server and then redirects to boot server for booting up in case of network boot ?

Let me know if that is possible.


Level 6

>> Can I make use of this DHCP server for performing BMR restores.?

Only for windows client BMR its possible. Seems you have Linux clients where BMR Boot server (linux based required) has to stage DHCP service.

BMR boot server itself manages DHCP service configuration. User just needs to enable service with basic header configuration as defined in the admin guide. Also BMR boot server add/remove entries in dhcp.conf file for only clients being recovered.

Though if possible you can install a NB client onto the existing DHCP server (if linux based) and enable bmr boot server over it to offer bmr recovery over nw.

If there are multiple dhcp servers are up and running in the same subnet (one bmr bs and others like existing dhcp server) then bmr client during recovery boot-up (pxe protocol) may reach to un-intended dhcp server (non bmr bs) causing recovery failure. This is all pxe protocol limitation where one service does not forward call to other if that service is not the correct one to respond. Hence it is advisible to user that keep any other dhcp server down in the same subnet if bmr client is booting over nw to bmr bs for recovery.