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NetBackup Client Support for FreeBSD 10.3


Would it be possible to extend NetBackup client support to FreeBSD 10.3? Currently, NetBackup client 7.7.1 is supported on FreeBSD 10.1, but not subsequent releases in the 10-STABLE branch. Is there a reason for this? FreeBSD offers ABI stability across releases in the same STABLE branch, meaning that a NetBackup client that runs on 10.1 should have no problems running on 10.3. Also, the NetBackup software compatibility list indicates that the FreeBSD compat9x-amd64 libraries are required for NetBackup to run on 10.1, and these very same libraries are available on 10.3.



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Re: NetBackup Client Support for FreeBSD 10.3

Hi Robb,

Yes, unfortunately it's not on the Software Compatibility List Man Sad

The only way to find out for sure when FreeBSD 10.3 will be supported would be to reach out to you local Veritas office, or possibly logging a support call.  If you go the support call route I'd make sure they are aware you want to speak to someone regarding the product roadmap for support for your O/S - otherwise you might get:  Sorry not supported Smiley Frustrated

There are a few other posts in the forum detailing your frustration:

One other possibility for backing up these clients exists, but only if they are VM's - using VMware policies.  I've done this for a few of my systems where client support was dropped (ie: 32-bit SLES).  The only downside is that you won't be able to do individual file restore, as this requires a NetBackup client to be installed.

But it will allow you to get a full backup, and you can restore - but you need to recover the whole VM and then extract the files you need.

Hope this helps.


Re: NetBackup Client Support for FreeBSD 10.3

Bad news - Veritas will not support FreeBSD. According to NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans at:

FreeBSD has retiered as of Netbackup 7.7.1

Re: NetBackup Client Support for FreeBSD 10.3

The FuturePlans URL also says the following:

If an item listed below will cause significant business impacts, contact your Veritas Sales Account Team. 


Re: NetBackup Client Support for FreeBSD 10.3

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply. I opened a support case with Veritas arguing that it would make sense to extend support to 10.3 for two reasons.

First,  10.1 and 10.3 are releases from the same STABLE code branch, and FreeBSD assures ABI stability within STABLE code branches: . This means that applications compiled on 10.1 should work on 10.3.

Second, all versions of FreeBSD prior to 10.3 will reach end-of-life as early as December 31, 2016: . The FreeBSD security team will maintain 10.3 until April 30, 2018. If there are any other Veritas NetBackup customers who use FreeBSD, it's likely that they will want to upgrade to 10.3 to continue to receive security updates.

Hopefully, Veritas will find these reasons pursuasive.



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