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NetBackup Client sofware

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Hi All,

I am installing Netbackup client on RHEL 6.6 and I am getting the following error. As I am new to Netbackup installation, please guide me.

ERROR: NetBackup client software for the Linux
platform is not on this media.



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Re: NetBackup Client sofware

Which version of NBU Client Sofware are you trying to install?

Have you checked NBU OS Compatibility Guides? 

NBU 7.0 - 7.6 OS SCL:


Re: NetBackup Client sofware

Please also tell us which installation media or download filename you are using to install from.

If we know which NBU version exactly, we can point you to the relevant Installation Guide which will tell you what the correct installation media is for RHEL Client software.

Only 64-bit Linux is supported as from NBU 7.0. 
Can you confirm? 

Re: NetBackup Client sofware

what is the filename (the one you downloaded) that you used to get the install files? it should be something like Netbackup_7.x.x_LinuxR_x86_64.......  and Netbackup_7.x.x_CLIENTS1.tar.gz

Re: NetBackup Client sofware


I am trying to install NBC 7.7.3. I have downloaded the below files.





Re: NetBackup Client sofware

As per NetBackup 7.7.3 Installation Guide , Client software for All Linux platforms is in UNIX clients 2 installation media.

NetBackup_7.7.3_CLIENTS2.tar is the only file that you need to extract on the Linux Client.

If you use FTP to transfer the tar file to the Linux client, be sure to ftp using binary mode.
Confirm file size and checksums as per the README file in the MyVeritas download page.


Re: NetBackup Client sofware

You can get this error when you copy the files from the release media and you copy less than the full directory structure. As a sanity check for, "Is this media appropriate for this OS?" the installation software checks the name of the parent directory. For RHEL, the parent directory must be linuxR_x86.

Re: NetBackup Client sofware

Thanks Marianne,

It worked when i extracted NetBackup_7.7.3_CLIENTS2.tar and did the install.

Re: NetBackup Client sofware

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