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NetBackup Drives : Suddenly Disappeared

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Hi Team,

* NetBackup 8.1.2 \ Windows Server 2012 R2

* The NetBackup Drives Suddenly Disappeared last night and the Jobs status queued

-- Already checked the device manager if the drives are visible - YES

-- tpautoconfig -t  "EMM Interface Initialization Failed Status = 77"

-- nbemmcmd -listhosts  "Failed to Initialize EMM Connection (195)"

Please see attached image for more details




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Did you perform a rescan in OS Device Manager before taking the screenshot?

'scan' command shows one single tape. 
Can you please re-run the command without any option (to show tape and robot) and post all of the text output? (Please copy the text instead of screenshot.)

Have you checked Event Viewer System log for errors as well? 
NBU will report errors when device access issues are experienced at OS-level.

Your Application log screenshot is not showing all details - please try to copy text instead? 

About EMM errors:
Have you confirmed that all NBU processes are running?  (On master and media servers)
What does your NBU environment look like? 
Master with media servers? 
Multiple robots with one server (master or media) configured as robot control host? 

Have you confirmed in Device Compatibility Guide that all devices are supported with iSCSI connection? 

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In additon to @Marianne excellent post - did you check the space availability on the drive where NBU is installed?

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I suggest to rescan the drives on the OS level.. for windows OS, go to Start and search for Device Manager.  After that from the Device Mangement run Scan for Hardware Change and make sure the drives are online and drives up to date on the OS level prior to scan the drives from the Netbackup level (tpautoconf)

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Given NBU isn't running - or not running properly ...

nbemmcmd -listhosts  "Failed to Initialize EMM Connection (195)"

... which is one reason the drives aren't ging to show, not much point in checking anywhere else until the main problem is fixed.