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NetBackup Exclude Lists

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Hello out there,

I'm wondering if someone can assist me with an exclude list I am trying to use globally (for every directory) on a specific NetBackup client.  I have set up many exclude lists but am wondering what the syntax would be if I was trying to exclude a particular type of file from every possible directory level on a  Windows 2003 server. 

As an example, if I was trying to exclude "*.doc" from every directory level on the D:\ drive of a Windows 2003 server, how would I go about that. 

Here is the catch, the client is also the NetBackup master.  File/Print server doubling as a NetBackup master.  Looking forward to some input.

Thanks sincerely!

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Disregard my request folks... finally found my answer on page 355 of the Sys Admin Guide for Windows - cheers!

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Is there any way to exclude SystemState:\ backups for a client when we are taking backups for ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES?

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good question .. i am working on this

will keep you posted more soon ...