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NetBackup Media Server Decommissioning Tool now for 6.5.3 to 7.0

Like to share and capture in the forum these recently published tools.
These are being released to facilitate and I guess ease the task of decommissioning Netbackup media servers. (versions 6.5.3 • 6.5.4 • 6.5.5 • 6.5.6 • 7.0)
Although the technotes already available are pretty straightforward, these tools/wizards seem to help identify areas throughout the NBU environment where you might be using references to the 'old server'.

Available here at the Downloads page

» NetBackup 6.5.x
List of ALL utilities/ decommissioning tools available for use with Symantec NetBackup

Note: The decommissioning tool will be shipped as part of NBU 6.5.6 and 6.5.x future updates

» NetBackup 7.0
Documentation and Download: How to use Symantec's NetBackup Media Server Decommissioning Tool for NetBackup 7.0

Note: The decommissioning tool will be shipped as part of NBU 7.0.1 and 7.0.x future updates

• Previous technotes with decommissioning procedures:
What is the process for decommissioning a NetBackup 6.0 media server?
What is the process for decommissioning a NetBackup 6.5 media server?
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Stuart, do you know of a way

that we can make this a "Featured Discussion?"

That way if its always at the top, it might reduce the amount of threads that are created for media server decommissioning

media sharing

I wounder if the tool can handle environments with media sharing enabled.

Besides that - Thanks for sharing Stuart, you got a thumps up from me.

You could ask a forum admin

You could ask a forum admin to do it. However, don't know where to go for that. Otherwise I think it has to become a highly viewed, or high replied, or high voted discussion to become a 'sticky'. Bit like the 156 snapshot error discussion?


Hi Nicolai,

That is indeed a great question!

I'd like to have that one answered as well...

Great idea for such a tool :)

This thread is now a sticky

This thread is now a sticky means that it stays on top of the list.

BTW, it is an ADMIN only right :)

Stay tuned

Hi Manfred.

I have send a note to one of the Symantec employees who participate in the Netbackup forum and hope he can answer. Stay tuned ...

Hi Nicolai, Great, thanks

Hi Nicolai,

Great, thanks :)

I really appreciate your help!

Media Sharing

Any tapes that fit the following criteria will be processed:
  • assigned to decommissioned media server.
  • owned by media sharing group with the decommissioned media server as the only member of the group.
  • owned by UNRESTRICTED_SHARING_GROUP and where last write host is same as the decommissioned media server
The user will have the option to expire these or move them to a new server.
I'm glad to see interest in the tool and appreciate any feedback you may have.

Thank you Dustin.

The tool just got a lot  better :)

Thanks for taking time to write the post.

Hello, I tried to run a

I tried to run a preview with nbdecommission command, but it did not work:

root@master1:/root # nbdecommission -list_ref -oldserver medserv1 > /tmp/decom.txt
unable to obtain media sharing group membership for media server medserv1

We do not have media sharing groups. Does it mean that we cannot use this tool?

Regards iclcz01

Is this relevant to what you are seeing?

Note: There is an nbemm bug in pre-6.5.5 code which can cause nbdecommission to fail to get a list of media servers which can access the storage unit if the media server is defined as Any Available.  If the version of nbdecommission attached to this TechFile is being used with NetBackup 6.5.3 and there are storage units in use with a media server value of Any Available, please manually update any applicable storage unit(s) before executing nbdecommission.

This was taken from the following T/N:
DOCUMENTATION and DOWNLOAD: How to use Symantec's NetBackup Media Server Decommissioning Tool for Ne...

There's also one for 6.5.4 & 6.5.5 but these are essentially the same.

Thank you. I looked on our

Thank you. I looked on our configuration, but we do not have any storage unit with media server configured as "Any available".

Is there documentation for

Is there documentation for Decommissioning clustered media servers, specifically?


The Technote above states that it does not apply to clustered media servers.

And I've been following the steps in The Netbackup 7.0 Admin Guide for Windows, but haven't found anything specific to clustered media servers. Just want to make sure I'm doing things properly.

Clustered Media Server - decommission

Hi all,


I am trying to decommission a media server which was clustered. the server has been physically decomissioned but not properly removed from Netbackup

the nbdecommission tool has not brought the sought after effect.

( it keeps running )

when trying to remove manually -- I do not receive an error message it all seems to work but a restore from an image created with the "old" media server still won't work 

( yes I've added the media host overwrite entries )

is there any documentation on how to decommision a clustered media server ?

Is there an other way to restore the image required ?


master- media and clients are all running NBU on windows 2003

many thanks in advance.





@JDK, please start a new

@JDK, please start a new thread with the question you are asking here. Thanks!

Hi guys, I have a Netbackup

Hi guys,

I have a Netbackup 7.0 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Cluster.

I downloaded nbdecommission from here • but I can not find one that works properly on my environment.

Does any one have an idea?