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NetBackup Protects Nutanix AHV Workloads in a VPC

Level 3

Starting in NetBackup 10.1.1, we can now protect virtual machines (VMs) within Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) within Nutanix AHV.   

Add the AHV Prism Central Server using NetBackup’s WebUI, within the Nutanix AHV workloads, to ensure discovery of the extended attributes within the entire scope of the AHV Prism Central Server, including VPC details.   NetBackup does not provide a visualization of the VPC or other logical grouping, but rather discovers all VMs known to the configured AHV cluster.  The Prism Central server credentials can be managed during the addition or can be managed separately under Credential Management in the WebUI. 

Browse to find the intended VM for data protection and add it to a new or existing Protection Plan for the AHV workload.  There are otherwise no configuration differences for protecting a Nutanix AHV asset, making the workflows identical.  Project, Category, and other attributes are included as part of data protection of the virtual machine. 

When protecting Nutanix AHV VM’s hosted within a VPC, consider the following when planning backups and restores: 

  • Additional attributes like project, category and VPC network attributes are discovered through Prism Central and are restored only if recovery is performed back to the original location. 
  • For alternate location restores, the restore operation would be successful if "remove network interfaces" checkbox is checked, however VPC related information will not be restored. 
  • Restores to alternate VPCs are not supported. 

For more information on these limitations, refer to the NetBackup WebUI for AHV Administration Guide

Protect your Nutanix AHV virtual machines wherever they may reside with NetBackup.  By adding the Nutanix Prism Central server, Netbackup can protect more of your AHV landscape. 

Christopher Winter
Veritas NetBackup