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NetBackup REST API - How do I do a Restore / Recover?

Level 2

I'm using NetBackup 10.2 and in the UI I typically go to Backup, Archive, and Restore, click on the Restore Files TAB and set my start and end date appropriately and then I can Restore files from a recent backup.   I've recently started experimenting with the REST endpoint /admin/manual-backup to do a Backup but I can't find the REST API to Restore/Recover the backup. Is there an REST equivalent to the Restore that I typically use in the UI?


Level 6

Hi @JC_Exa 

For restore use the /recovery section appropriate for your workload. 

As a help, turn on the Chrome spotlight (F12) and then perform a restore using the WebUI. You can then examine how NetBackup puts the API together - it has helped me with using API for other functions.

And don't forget all the API docs are online on your master (https://<Master>/api-docs


Thanks @davidmoline that got me the API that I needed.  For future reference, the WebUI uses this Request URL https://hostname/netbackup/recovery/workloads/physical/scenarios/granular-files-folders/recover  with required  Payloads recoveryRequest and selectionsFile.  Unfortunately when I use the Swagger/OpenAPI interface to test (https://hostname/api-docs/index.html ) it doesn't allow the selectionsFile payload as-is, I need to choose a single file within the UI.  I'm still experimenting but you got me one step closer.  Thanks again!