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NetBackup REST output different from OpsCenter

Level 2

I get wildly different results between OpsCenter and NetBackup's REST service, when I expect similar results. In OpsCenter, I define a report like so:

policy_type != 'VMWARE'
job_type = 'BACKUP'
between Aug 1 and Sep 1

select TOP 100 START AT 1 adjust_timestamp(domain_JobArchive.endTime,-21600000 ) as "domain_JobArchive.endTime", as "",adjust_timestamp(domain_JobArchive.startTime,-21600000 ) as "domain_JobArchive.startTime" from domain_JobArchive , domain_MasterServer where = domain_JobArchive.masterServerId and ( ( (domain_JobArchive.endTime BETWEEN '137839320000000000' AND '137866104000000000') ) AND ( (domain_JobArchive.policyType NOT IN (40 )) ) AND ( (domain_JobArchive.type IN (0 )) ) AND ( (domain_JobArchive.isValid = '1') ) AND ( ( ( IN (61,14293 )) ) ) )

yields: 13,754 jobs on 138 pages.

In NetBackup's REST, I construct a similar filter:

NBU REST to urls https://<master1,2>/netbackup/admin/jobs/
page[limit]: page_limit,
page[offset]: page_offset,
policyType ne 'VMWARE'
and jobType eq 'BACKUP'
and endTime le 2019-09-01T00:00:00.000Z
and endTime ge 2019-08-01T00:00:00.000Z

yields: 5,630 jobs on 57 pages

I expected the number of rows/jobs returned to at least be close. Is there any reason for the variance in the results? I can find no commonality in the missing jobs - they match the filters.


Level 6

Just a wild guess but maybe NetBackup defaults to copy 1 and OpsCenter to all copies?


I don't think so. I can expand NBU REST to include "copyNumber", and it has multiples.