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NetBackup Replication director & NetApp snapshot indexing

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Hello all,

We are facing an issue in the BAR were we can't browse NetApp Snapshots with Language "en_US" that have folders with accented caracters (like é, è,...) when they are created with Replication Director - NDMP policy.

So the idea is to implement Index from Snapshot feature to have files in the catalog. I added my array to Disk Array Host and created a step in my SLP right after the primary snapshot to index it.

Now when I start my backup job, snapshot creation and replication are still fine, but the Index From Snapshot job start and "hang" for days without any update in the Detailed Status. No progress percentage or new messages - except the start message:

02/08/2016 16:37:38 - end Index from Snapshot Mount: Read File List; elapsed time 0:00:00
02/08/2016 16:37:38 - begin Index from Snapshot Mount: Import Snapshot
02/08/2016 16:37:38 - Info RUNCMD (pid=339631) started

I tried to find some logs in the bpfis (ostfi.log)  folder in the media server but there's not info related to indexing.

We are talking about volumes with TB of data, so I would expect to take a long time, but to have no progress or logs is not really great.

Do someone know how to follow the progress or to see some logs? Or am I missing something?

Many thanks for your help.



NB Version: 7.7.1. Master in AIX et media are NB Appliance 5330

NetApp: 8.3.1P1


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Hi Renaud - I think you've found a bug/short-coming.  Probably best to open an oficial support case with Veritas.