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NetBackup Self Service 8.0 released…

Level 4

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of NetBackup Self Service 8.0 !

NetBackup Self Service 8.0 empowers users to self-serve common backup and restore requests while providing automation and control to IT.

Self Service's multi-tenant, role-based access, and dashboard features provide visibility over what’s protected and ongoing backup usage. Self Service's request forms put complex policy management tasks safely in the hands of users who are not trained in the complexities of NetBackup administration.

Here are some highlights of this NetBackup Self Service 8.0 release:

NetBackup Self Service API - Version 8.0 sees the REST API extended to include user authentication thereby allowing free and secure access to the API by any consuming service. Service providers can offer the API to tenants. This offering allows tenants to build their own integrated processes that encompass the service provider’s backup and restore offering. The API ensures that only tenant-related data is accessible, as would be the case when the tenant uses the NetBackup Self Service portal.

VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) plug-in - VMware’s vRealize Automation (vRA) provides service design and automation features to streamline virtual data center management across private and public clouds. NetBackup Self Service 8.0 delivers a vRA plug-in which allows customers to embed NetBackup backup and recovery services within the vRA portal and related workflows.

Administrator Dashboard Enhancements - A number of enhancements to aid the detection and troubleshooting of problem computers.

Enhanced customization support - More flexibility to cater for specific customer processes & integrations.

File Restore API - The REST API is extended to allow for files to be restored. Additional methods allow the browsing and searching of the backup images that are held against a computer for a specific file or folder of interest. The restore method replicates the portal functionality in allowing either restoration to the original location or a subfolder.

Individual Computer Policies & API - The policy management features of NetBackup Self Service have been extended to allow computers to have their own individual policies. To date, NetBackup Self Service has focused on grouping like computers in tenant-specific policies within a configurable protection level model. This latest addition to the NetBackup Self Service protection level feature allows users to enter specific inclusion folders for a computer. This feature is also available in the REST API.

VM Restore enhancements - When restoring a VMware virtual machine to the original location the unique identifier for the VM is now preserved (requires NetBackup 7.7.2 or newer). Please note that this enhancement does not apply to the separate vCloud Director unique identifier.

Veritas branding - NetBackup Self Service 8.0 has been fully branded as Veritas.

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