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NetBackup Service Account requirements

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Hi guys,

We are changing the service account under which NetBackup runs.  The Wintel team have asked the questions 'Why does it need to be a domain admin?'.

Can someone please advise?

We are running SQL, VMWare, EV, Lotus Notes agents, and have one master and multiple media servers running NBU7.5.0.5 in a Windows 2008 Enterprise environment.  We also use OpsCentre.

We utilize deduplication options, both media and client side, as well as accelerator.




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Running NBU Client Service under local system account should be enough to backup and restore regular file system data. However th

It is only when databases or Apllications are being backed up does the Client service need to be changed and those details are given in the respective Agent Guides.

Also NetBackup Client Service must be started an account which has the following permissions:

- Act as part of the operating system

- Replace a process level token

- Logon as a service

- Create a token object

Hope this helps




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Are there not differring requirements for the NBU service account on the Master / Media Servers ?  For example, It is my experience that when running NBAC a local service account on the Master Server is not sufficient ?

Regarding the clients, I agree that a local service account is fine - excpeting circumstances where DB's etc are involved.