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NetBackup - SharePoint FE Web Servers with Windows NLB

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Is it possible to set up SharePoint backups via Windows Network Load Balancing?

I have NetBackup and SharePoint 2013 consisting of 2 front end Web servers, 2 SP App servers and a single back end SQL server. I've set all the required credentials and everything works fine when I set the client in the policy to either one of the WEB servers. When I set the client to the virtual name of the NLB I get an error status 42.

The Microsoft SharePoint Resources:\Global Settings is actually successful and completes with status 0 but the Microsoft SharePoint Resources:\Shared Services elements all fail with "system call failed - connection reset by peer". I guess this is to do with name resolution

Is there a way to configure this kind of setup?

I've added an entry in the DAR mapping in the host properties for the environment, but it's the backup that's failing and not the restore

The nearest I seen to a similar question is the following link and the resolution here seems to be to have a 'dummy' policy for the second web server and not to use the NLB virtual name at all - Is this the only option still?

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Hi !

Please share the detailed status of the jobs from the master server.

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In addition to Detailed status - enable logs.

Ensure all of these log folders exist:

On media server: bpbrm and bptm

On all servers (clients) that make up SharePoint service: bpcd, bpresolver, bpbkar.