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NetBackup Snapshot Manager Virtual Private Cloud Endpoint Support for AWS in 10.4!!

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Hi Friends,

When creating backup copies with Veritas NetBackup Snapshot Manger in AWS a VPC endpoint can now be created to move backups from one region to another without traversing the public Internet.


  1. In AWS navigate to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Endpoints and click on Create an Endpoint
  2. Give the Endpoint a name, select AWS services, as the service and select the VPC that will get the new endpoint.


  1. Next select the subnets where the assets currently reside.


  1. Select the correct security groups.


  1. Go to VPC endpoints and copy the DNS name of the new VPC endpoint created.


  1. Next go to the NetBackup WebUI and go to Workloads, Cloud, Snapshot Managers.  Under AWS click on the Add button.
  2. Create a new snapshot manager configuration.  Give the configuration a name, the snapshot manager host, the region to use, Source Account for the IAM Config Type and the DNS name of your new VPC Endpoint.


  1. The virtual machines in the new endpoint will populate up under the Virtual Machines tab under cloud workloads.

Veritas NetBackup is not just your trusted on-site backup suite, it’s also your one stop shop to backup to your cloud resources with simple tools that accomplish difficult tasks.  NetBackup enterprise tools makes backing up your data easier and more secure than ever.