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What is happening now? "Forbidden" when I click on support links

The last couple of days, I'll be searching, then all of a sudden I start getting "Forbidden" when I click on links. Just now, I did a search for "Opscenter Security" and clicked on the following link -

and got the Forbidden message. This has been happening routinely for the last several days.



Your client is not allowed to access this object or our servers may be momentarily busy. Please try again later.

If you receive this message and would like to report this to Symantec, you may contact the Webmaster.

Thank you for your assistance and patience.

Yeah I got that a lot

& mentioned it earlier either on this discussion or on  Swathi's blog.

Thought it'd been sorted as I hadn't seen it for a while, but got it again yesterday.....

Still waiting for any updates to this discussion from 'the powers that be'.

Sorry to say but personally I feel it's a total mess now.


"Broken" links - not necessarily come across these per se, BUT sometimes clicking on a link will just re-direct you to some home page and will re-direct correctly if you try a second time.......

Still rather quiet 'part from us 'users'........


Another anomaly:

Is this a Connect or KB issue:

Basically, the same URL in two posts on the same discussion has different results!

***EDIT #1***
Found that second URL was posted with a space at the end - hence errored out. (18/01/11)
***end of EDIT #1***


Also, whilst I'm here again, have also noticed that sometimes clicking on a link may just send you to a KB 'landing page' & yet if you click on it again you get sent to the correct T/N.

Reason? Explanation?

***EDIT #2***
This is still prevalent - 18th January 2011.
***end of EDIT #2***



Apparently there's a workaround for this (?) until it's fixed:

Would've nice to have had this discussion updated - thought that's why it was here?


Any progress updates or

is the KB deemed to be working as designed now?!! frown


All I know is that I'm

All I know is that I'm battling to find info these days - Google does not seem to find Symantec TN's as before, and searching the Symantec site comes up with the biggest load of garbage that I've ever seen in my life. Try this: Go to:

type in the 'Knowledge Base Search' : Decommission 6.0 media server


Do you see TECH52021 anywhere in the list?


Well, even while battling with Google finding TN's these, days, typing the exact same line in Google, TECH52021 was the first in the list....


It's probably on page 4!

It's probably on page 4 of the "results"! wink


Hi Marianne, We are currently

Hi Marianne,

We are currently working to see why this is the case.  I will update when we have a resolution.





when I do a search and then click on documentation on the right side why does it only show Japanese Guides?  Looking for the English ones.  I have the hardest time finding ANY thing I am really looking for.  So I figure I will go with the manual and search in there, but have a hard time finding them!  I so miss the old search site!  I now search google more then the Symantec site.


"I now search google more then the Symantec site."

This is (unfortunately) true with many vendor sites.  HP's site has historically sucked and even HP reps use Google with a "" parameter and recommend customers do the same.  NetApp's search sucks and they finally posted that they're rolling out a Google Search Appliance to the NOW site.

It's absolutely amazing how many vendors think they can write their own search tools and get it so wrong.  It's like they have no clue how customers use their sites at all.  There's a reason Google is still around Smiley Happy


Judy - please bookmark these

Judy - please bookmark these two links:

NBU7 Manuals:

NBU6.5 Manuals:

The 6.5 page also contains links to older NBU versions.

In the meantime, Stephanie Oelkers promised us on 17 Jan that they're 'working on it'. I guess Ed is right about them 'not knowing......'crying


I gave up a month back!

I even went so far as to create a new discussion in the "SymWise Knowledge Management" forum pulling this discussion & Swathi's blog together in the naive hope that it may get a little attention there too - I'd just seen a post get resolved rather quickly there & got over-excited I think - unfortunately I just ended up with a bit of a monologue!

You never know, we may come back tomorrow & all will be right with the world....