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NetBackup Supports VMware VDI


I have a VMware VDI environment and now i need to take a backup. Can somebody please expalain is backup exec or netbackup supports to take a backup of this VMware VDI backup if yes how ? and do we have granularly file level recovery of the VDI persistent disks as well ????



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There is no official

There is no official statement for VDI support. as i far i recall vdi also uses vadp.

If its traditional esxi under control of vcenter or sort of. Treat it as regular vm backup from NBU perspective....

add up esxi creds in NBU or BE and perform discovery of vm to backup. try backing it up and do recovery as well (granular file level and vm level too) check what hurdles you get.

i believe there are solutions avaialble for vdi backups.

Give it a try

BE comes with 60 days free trial which is fully functional.

For NBU as you are partner so must be having access to NBU software.. try simulating in your lab or at customer site if they allow POC for this.

With Netbackup you can add

With Netbackup you can add the advanced client (1 license per esx host) and backup the esx server with a vmware policy. No need for vadp.  I backup some of my customers entire vmware farm (60+ servers) this way with a few exceptions for applications that don't play well with snapshots. I back those up with the regular OS client.


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