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NetBackup Uninstall using Add & Remove Programs

Level 4
I would like to ask if I use "Add & Remove Programs" to uninstall NetBackup, how will I retain the Catalog Backup? Because I'm planning to uninstall my current installed NBU 6.5 and re-install it again but I  want my Catalog Backup to be retained or usable on a fresh installed NBU 6.5. I think it has something to do with "Change". Please post the proceedures.

Thank You.

Level 6
How will I retain the catalog backup?

Taken from the Windows Installation Guide above:

If you intend to reinstall NetBackup, save the configuration, catalog, and log file information before proceeding. (See “To remove (uninstall) NetBackup servers and save catalog data” on page 78.)

Level 4
Thank You for that information. It helps a lot