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NetBackup and Cloudian

Hello all,

I am doing some testing using 8.1.1 together with a Cloudian Hyperstore S3 Storagesystem.

Setup ist pretty straight forward, even using https.

But two things I remarked and I am wondering if other users of an S3 storagesystem (based on Cassandra) have similar experiences:

1. Image cleanups taking a verly long time....many hours.

2. Expiration/Deletion of backup images often cause Cassandra Tombstone errors that need to be handled on the object storage side. During this time listings of buckets are not possible and can cause errors in netbackup. 

Is anyone really using S3 targets for a secondary backup storage (for instance after MSDP) ? If so, doing backups into many, many buckets instead of just a bunch ?

Would be glad to talk or write to some that have experience in this area, especially together with Cloudian.


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