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NetBackup and NDMP device DELL unity NDMP IO ERROR

Level 4

Hi everybody,

We had to implemant a Dell EMC Unity to do NAS jobs.

The unity system is cut in 7 nas-server, which are independant of each other. I zoned the unity bay with the robotic library and LTO8 drives.

On NetBackup, when i detect the ndmp clients, the 7 nas-server appear well, with a dedicated STU.

I created 7 ndmp policies to dedicated each STU to each correspondant nas-server.

The backups are good.

But, when i would to restore some data of 3 nas in particulary, i have an error which is NDMP_IO_ERROR, cannot open ndmp device error 7. After, the path goes down and the restore job try an other path.

The others nas-server restore well the data.

I tried to read the bptm logs, but i see anything relevant.

Thanks for your help.




Level 4

I saw that the issue spends when the job request a new tape after the 1st one is filled up.

When i try a robtest, i move the tape to drive successfully but when i move from the drive to the slot i receive the error move_medium failed sense key 0x5 asc 0x3a ascq 0x0, medium not present. When i do "unload d1" and "m d1 s139" everything is ok.