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NetBackup and Server 2008 R2

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I just updated my File Server to Windows 2008 R2 and I cannot get NetBackup to Automatically run my Backup Schedule.  I was able to open up the 2 ports in my firewall to be able to manually run a Backup, but when I try to Get the Host Properties on the Client I get Error 46 Server not allowed Access.  I have put my Backup Server in the HOST File and I can ping from both, but I still get Error 58 in my Daily Backup Report, which is Cannot Connect to Client. Any Suggestions?  Thank You.


Server 2008 R2


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The Server entry in your hosts file needs to correspond with the SERVER entry that you added during installation.

If you have separate media server, check that you have hosts as well SERVER entries. 
Check entries carefully for typo errors.

Check SERVER entries on your file server in All Programs -> Symantec NetBackup -> Backup, Archive, Restore.  Go to File -> Specify NetBackup Machines.

Create bpcd folder on the file server under ....\veritas\netbackup\logs.

Please post client's bpcd log if problem persists.