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NetBackup and System Center Endpoint Protection


I was wondering if the community had any info on how NetAbckup behaves with SCEP [System Center Endpoint Protection]. i have googled but there doesn't seem to be any info about it.

I would appreciate any info from anyone who has had experience with this




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Just to get a little more

Just to get a little more information, are you planning on running SCEP on a server with NetBackup installed or just curious how the 2 work together in your environment?

Hello SymTerry, Well, to

Hello SymTerry,

Well, to begin with SCEP is installed on a server that i have installed the NetBackup client, although the plan is moving forward to use SCEP instead of McAfee.

We have configured the central McAfee system to exclude NetBackup folders from anti-virus scanning and was wondering what exclusions need to be set up for SCEP

many thanks for your time



Yes, virus exclusions will

Yes, virus exclusions will need to be set for SCEP as well. TECH152328 has the list of processes that need to be excluded for scanning live threats and also contains the NetBackup folders that need to be excluded.

Once all configured, you should not have any issues.