NetBackup and tape compression types

As a sequel to my earlier question on SAIT tapes, I would want to know what media types would fit into the 8MM, 8MM2 & 8MM3 genre of media types?

Please also let me know if the media piece compression type any of the following, how would NetBackup identify it?
1) LTO-3
2) AIT-4
3) T3592

I need this information at the earliest;

Thanks a great deal in advance,
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Re: NetBackup and tape compression types

2) AIT-4 = 8MM
3) T3592 = not sure. I think HCART
4) SAIT = 8MM

These are identifiers to relate media to device so they can be for example HCART, HCART2 or HCART3 as long as the device type matches the media type.

Re: NetBackup and tape compression types

For LTO tapes and if u using barcode label, NBU will assign based on the barcode media identifier.
L1 - hcart
L2 - hcart2
L3 - hcart3